Friday, June 08, 2007

Getting by

I have lately been engaging in what I call 'going through the motions' gardening. Taking a page from a friend's fake-it-til-you-make-it strategy for coping with bouts of extreme ennui, this involves continuing with tasks despite the overwhelming desire to stay abed, reading trashy fiction and eating Dove bars.

The work is getting done, the zest is absent. But life experience tells me that moving through such a malaise pays off. The garden can be a place of healing and the day-to-day work, no matter how reluctantly performed, keeps me where I need to be.

Genie at The Inadvertant Gardener expressed it well in this post.
I went out this morning to take some pictures and ponder the mystery of what happens when you just wait out the rough patches and see what happens on the other side...

Waiting out a rough patch, getting by and getting on with it. I know I'll wake up one morning and discover that the magic was never gone, it was only staying in the background weaving its wondrous and healing spells. And I will be so glad that I kept plugging away.